Frequently asked questions

Tips on taking care of my new jewelry

Handle gently, Blue Blue Driver jewelry is sturdy, but not impossible to dammage. Avoid dropping, throwing, stepping on or otherwize mistreating your precious gems. If an earwire gets bent or a squiggle gets distorted, move back into place gently with your fingers. Please contact me for repair questions and pricing.

How heavy are these earrings?

Some Blue Blue Driver earrings tend to be on the heavier side. The bigger they are, the heavier they are. If your earlobes are sensitive, go with one of the smaller items like the Little Squigs or the Half-Flat Boogie earrings, those are a breeze to wear. The Sheela Squiggles, and the Big Squigs are by far the heaviest. they will feel great for a night out or a special event, but they are not all-day earrings.

What is a powdercoat finish?

A powder coat finish is a high quality and durable protective coating I use to prevent my brass jewelry from tarnishing. I love it because it protects my jewelry without cracking chipping or scratching, and keeps it looking great for years to come. it's a kind of polymer powder applied electrostatically, and then cured under heat. While it comes in a wide varitey of colors and textures, I typically only use a clear shiny or a clear matte finish.

What is my ring size?

Any jeweler in your area can size you for free! Some of my rings can't be re-sized so it's important to have the correct size right off the bat. For an additional fee I can send you a sample ring to make sure we have just the right size for you.